Rolling Subscription Clubs

Friendly Managers subscription system allows your club to easily manage roll over subscriptions. With automated email reminders, reports to tell who owes what and integration in to access control systems.

Rollover subscription based clubs managed by Friendly Manager

Fully automate the rollover subscription process in your club using Friendly Manager. With Friendly Manager the heavy lifting keeping up with subscriptions is now lighter process. With automated fees, notifications and emails you can sit back and relax knowing your subscriptions are 100% under control.

Just some of Friendly Managers Features...

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Take payments with ease

Our integration with our payment gateways make it super simple and a seemless transcation so you don't have to worry about chasing money no more.

Manage the access to the club

Manage your access to a building with our very easy to use access control system. Members must be paid up before they can play, and it all happens automatically

Automated rollover emails

Friendly Managers subscription system allows your members to have uniqe rollover dates and takes the hasele of reminding members to re-register for next season.
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Kumue Squask & Raquets Club
....We have ended up with a system that allows for a tremendous amount of self service...
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