Friendly Manager Privacy Statement

Your data is your data 

Any data that is entered into the Friendly Manager system is yours. If we upload that data or you or one of your members enter the data it belongs to you meaning that you are the custodian and manager of this data.

Friendly Manager's Access

Friendly Manager will not access or use this data in any way other than when we are required to provide you support or updates to your system. This access is limited to identified staff at Friendly Manager. Those staff in turn have agreed to ensuring the data remains confidential.


Who has access to your data is your choice

The data is only accessible by people you authorise. When you send your members, players, parents or anyone else a login you are allowing them access to the data. This feature is under your control and you make the decisions as to who receives a login and what level of access they have into your Friendly Manager data.

Passwords & personal data

To anyone whom you have given access to it is their responsibility to ensure they keep their passwords safe. They need to take extra care with phones and tablets to ensure these details are keep safe and confidential.

Updated - May 2016

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