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Coach Registration, Police Vetting and Vulnerable Persons Management

Backyard cricket has been a fixture for generations of New Zealander’s. How exciting was that last World Cup final?! NZC continues to inspire the young and the young at heart to pick up a bat and a ball and have a hit around. NZC develops players through school cricket, community tournaments, domestic tournaments and onto the big league of international cricket.

No one likes mountains of paperwork and sifting through outdated data. New Zealand Cricket clubs want to be out there on the pitch, playing more, coaching more and enjoying the game. NZC needed a solution to manage all the coaches involved throughout all levels of the game. All coaches are required to go through a set of qualifications as well as the mandatory police vetting, and all of this needed to be recorded and tracked. Not an easy feat!

Unlike other national organisations which Friendly Manager has worked with, this software needed to be decentralised and not attached to a national database. This meant that it needed to be driven from the grassroots, regional level. Facilitating discussion and interaction between the Major Association and the District Associations was key to developing and producing the necessary software. With innovation and creativity Friendly Manager club management software were able to deliver.


Friendly Manager partnered with Bracken Learning, another NZ-made and NZ-based company, in order to track the learning, education and professional development of 3,000+ cricket coaches throughout the country. Creating an API integration system with Bracken has allowed for ease of access to quality education and efficient learning for our NZ cricket coaches. So much so that the uptake of coaches using this software has been more than 300% of the expected uptake!

Alongside Bracken, Friendly Manager worked with both NZC and the NZ Police to produce an easy to use yet effective vetting procedure, allowing those in the cricket industry to be kept safe and secure at all times.


New Zealand Cricket have a system that works for them, that produces results and allows them to track their coaches at multiple levels. The Major Association and District Associations can access the correct data at any one time, they love the system that Friendly Manager have created for them. One hundred percent of all the NZC coaches now get vetted through this system, which is a major win for New Zealand Cricket and for the public who love to play the game at all levels. Both the Major Association and the District Associations can at any time see accurate data on the number of coaches nationwide and where they are at in their training, qualifications and coaching levels. This level of professionalism within NZC coaches will raise the quality of the game across all levels of competition. Friendly Manager are huge fans of the game and are excited to see how the game continues to develop and progress. FM love being a part of creating a more cohesive and effective coaching body throughout New Zealand, and we look forward to continuing to working alongside NZC in the future.

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